The main activity of the company APIN sustavi Ltd. is the installation and servicing of fire extinguishing systems. Our expertise, experience and the implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001 guarantee consistent quality of our services.

Since we are fully aware of the importance of ecology and use of environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents and procedures, we have adjusted our business operations in terms of environmental protection with the standard
ISO 14001:2015.

Our employees handle complex devices, tools and pressurised cylinders in very delicate environments (server rooms, archives etc.) on a daily basis. On account of their safety, safety of the people working in the protected zone and in order to safeguard valuable equipment in the protected zone, we have harmonised our procedures with the standard
ISO 45001:2018.

The company APIN sustavi Ltd. holds a licence required to perform the works on fire extinguishing systems pursuant to the Croatian law.

The company is also authorised by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection for the installation, servicing and removing from service fire extinguishing systems containing replacement agents (FM-200, HFC 125…).

Our employees have been trained to handle and service the equipment by the leading international manufacturers of fixed fire extinguishing systems.

In our systems we install only high-quality fire extinguishing equipment with international fire certificates (VdS, FM, UL…) and with Croatian fire certificates.