Since the Republic of Croatia does not have own regulations governing the design of fire extinguishing systems, the Ministry of Interior allows compliance with the following international regulations as applied rules in the technical practice:

  • VdS guidelines,
  • NFPA standard,
  • European standards HR EN

We are competent for drawing up fire extinguishing system designs for the foreign markets in accordance with the following regulations and guidelines:

  • VdS – Guidelines for the design and installation of fire extinguishing systems by the German insurance companies
  • NFPA – Fire protection standards of the United States of America
  • FM Global – Guidelines for the design and installation by insurance companies
  • EN – European standards for the design of fire extinguishing systems
  • NPB /SNIP – Russian fire protection regulations

Apart from the design, design supervision and supervision of the installation, the company APIN projekt Ltd. can provide consulting services and the service of comparing design solutions for fire extinguishing systems in accordance with various international regulations (American, European, Russian and Croatian).

In accordance with the investor’s specification, we are qualified to implement in the design of fixed fire extinguishing systems additional requirements of the international insurance companies (VdS, FM Global, CEA…).