Kitchen equipment in the environment where in the process of food preparation oils or grease are used and where vapours with higher grease content are released, has to be protected with an appropriate automatic fire extinguishing system since such equipment is statistically prone to the greatest number of fires with regard to catering facilities (that is, in structures where kitchens are envisaged). Ansul R-102 is the highest quality and most effective system for fire suppression in kitchens. This system is also certified for the stated purpose by all leading fire certification institutions (VdS, FM, UL etc.), and it has the relevant certificates for use in fire extinguishing in the Republic of Croatia.

These systems effectively extinguish a fire with a solution of organic salts by creating a soapy barrier over the surface of the grease thus depriving the hot parts of oxygen and cooling the protected equipment and materials. These systems are fully automated and have an integrated mechanical fire alarm system providing a 24-hour protection of the kitchen equipment.