Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems are specialised and highly efficient fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens. These systems integrate the system of fire detection, fire suppression and shutdown of the power supply to the kitchen. Fire suppressant Ansulex is a special solution of organic salts specifically formulated to extinguish grease- and oil-related fires. When this agent is dispersed over flammable grease, it creates a barrier which smothers the fire and prevents flame reigniting.

Goals achieved by the installation of Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems:
1. An outbreak of fire in the protected kitchen zone is rapidly detected in the kitchen hood or hood exhaust duct via fusible links.

2. Upon activation of the mechanical fire detection system, the ANSUL AUTOMAN release mechanism is automatically activated and starts the extinguishing process by compressing the extinguishing agent and by automatic shutdown of energy supply (gas and electricity)

3. ANSULEX low pH liquid fire suppressant pressurised by nitrogen is conveyed through the piping to the spray nozzles where it is disperses, thus successfully protecting the exhaust duct, kitchen hood and equipment.

4. ANSULEX agent is applied directly to the fire with strategically positioned spray nozzles suppressing the fire within seconds. By quenching hot kitchen grease in the saponification process, a barrier is created which obstructs the escape of flammable vapours and successfully prevents the flame from reigniting.

Tasks of Ansul R-102 fire suppression system:

  • fire detection
  • fire suppression
  • cooling of the protected zone
  • preventing flame reigniting

Properties of Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression system:

  • highly reliable fire suppression system
  • fully automated system (fire detection and extinguishing)
  • mechanical detection system with fusible links
  • inox piping of the fire suppression system with spray nozzles
  • inox piping of the mechanical fire detection
  • aesthetically acceptable product for the installation in kitchens (all equipment is made of inox)
  • quick and easy installation
  • Ansulex Low ph causes no damage to the kitchen elements.

Advantages of Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems:

  • simple maintenance
  • smile clean-up after extinguishing
  • highly reliable fire detection