The company APIN comprises two businesses: APIN projekt Ltd. and APIN sustavi Ltd, both of which were established in January 2008. The founders and owners of the company are: Branimir Cindori, Ivan Križanac, Đuro Mak and Nenad Semenov. The address of the company’s registered office is Ožujska 8, Zagreb.

The main activity of the company APIN projekt Ltd. is the design of fire extinguishing systems, construction supervision and consulting services in the field of fixed fire extinguishing systems.

The main activity of APIN sustavi Ltd. is the installation and service of fire extinguishing systems.

The activity of the companies includes design, installation and maintenance of the following fixed fire extinguishing systems:

Water fire extinguishing systems

  • Sprinkler systems
  • ESFR sprinkler systems
  • Deluge/Drencher (water spray) systems
  • Water mist fire suppression systems
  • Standpipe and hose system
  • Dry pipe hose system

Fire fighting foam systems

  • Low expansion fire fighting foam systems
  • High expansion fire fighting foam systems (Hot foam systems)

Gaseous fire suppression systems

  • FM-200 fire suppression systems (HFC 227ea systems)
  • Novec 1230 fire suppression systems (FK 5-1-12 systems

Inert gas fire suppression systems

  • Inergen fire suppression systems
  • IG55 fire suppression systems
  • IG01 fire suppression systems
  • IG100 fire suppression systems
  • Carbon dioxide high pressure systems
  • Carbon dioxide low pressure systems

Restaurant fire suppression system

  • Ansul R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems
  • Ansul Piranha restaurant fire suppression systems

Special fire suppression systems

  • 19’’ rack gas extinguishing system – One U unit
  • Spark extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing aerosol systems

Air sampling system

Fire alarm systems