As our employees handle complex devices, tools and pressurised cylinders in very delicate environments (server rooms, archives etc.) on a daily basis, on account of their safety, safety of the people working in the protected zone and in order to safeguard valuable equipment in the protected zone, we have harmonised our procedures with the standard
OHSAS 18001:2007.

The principles forming the basis of our environmental protection policy are:

  • – Employees are the greatest value of the company and therefore everything in the company is contingent on the protection of health and safety of employees
  • – “Zero tolerance policy” relative to health risks and safe business conduct,
  • – Legal requirements for the protection of health and safety of employees are the minimum requirements that must be increased to the maximum possible level, which is something we implement on a daily basis
  • Inappropriate conduct and lack of awareness of employees regarding the protection of health and safety shall be presently sanctioned with zero tolerance