Water mist fire suppression systems are fire extinguishing systems employing tiny droplets of water (atomised water). Such minute droplets are created by water dispersing from the spray nozzles due to a higher operating pressure compared to the classic sprinkler system.

Fire is extinguished by water mist in the following ways:

  • Cooling effect

Due to a high level of water mist dispersion, the total water surface is considerably larger thus resulting in better cooling.

  • Smothering effect

When extinguishing the fire, water mist acts similarly to gaseous systems (pushes out the oxygen).

  • Effect of blocking heat transfer

Water mist prevents heat transfer between the flames and the surrounding material.

Water mist systems distinguished according to the operating pressure:

  • Low pressure water mist system < 16 bar
  • High pressure water mist system > 16 bar

An optimum financial solution with regard to Croatian conditions is a low pressure water mist system – EconAqua. This system is very similar to traditional sprinkler systems and its pricing is similar to that of sprinkler systems.