Gas under the brand name Novec 1230 (FK 5-1-12) is a gas of the structural formula CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2. This gas suppresses a fire by inhibiting the chemical reaction of the combustible material and oxygen. It is used as a safe and efficient agent to extinguish Class A fires (solid materials), Class B fires (flammable liquids) and Higher Hazard Class A fires (solid materials energized during the extinguishment period).

A fire suppression system using this gas is especially suitable on account of the following:

  • design concentrations of atmospheric gas (5.6% for server rooms) are not harmful to human health,
  • high fire extinguishing efficiency,
  • very rapid action,
  • minimum reduction of the visual range during fire fighting,
  • maximum dispersion of gas in the protected room,
  • good mixing of gas with air with no risk of air stratification,
  • the gas is noncorrosive, electrically non-conductive and does not cause cold shocks to electronic devices,
  • the gas is highly environmentally acceptable
    • does not deplete the ozone layer (ODP = 0 / Montreal Protocol)
    • does not warm the atmosphere (GWP =1 / Kyoto Protocol)
    • atmospheric lifetime is very short, 5 days
    • 3M, the producer of the gas, gives a 20-year “Blue Sky” environmentally friendly warranty

Properties of Novec 1230 gas:

  • ISO code: FK 5-1-12
  • Name: fluoroketone
  • spec. weight: 1,6 kg/l
  • ODP (Ozone depletion potential) 0
  • Atmospheric lifetime: 5 days
  • NOAEL 10%
  • LOAEL >10%
  • GWP (Global warming potential) 1
  • Safety level (Class A fire) 88%

Novec 1230 has no environmental restrictions pursuant to either the Montreal Protocol or the Kyoto Protocol.