Fire fighting foam systems are used for extinguishing highly flammable materials (flammable liquids, plastic, tyres…) and materials which are extremely difficult to extinguish.

The usual application of fire fighting foam systems:

  • Loading racks (low + medium expansion foam)
  • Fuel tanks (low expansion foam)
  • Warehouses (high expansion / low expansion foam/ foam sprinkler)
  • Bund wall (water/foam monitors / medium expansion foam)
  • Industrial plants with flammable liquids (low expansion foam)
  • Aircraft hangars (high expansion foam)

Types of fire fighting foam systems:

  • Sprinkler system
  • Deluge system
  • Water /foam monitor
  • High expansion foam generators – Hot foam systems

System activation method:

  • Manual activation
  • Semiautomatic activation
  • Automatic activation